What we Offer

  • Our Tech

    The IAG GrowFrameTM is a unique system of aeroponic grow panels proven to produce healthier root systems and better crop growth, maximising your farm’s productivity and profits.

  • Research and Development

    The vertical farming sector is constantly evolving. Continuous research and development at our 10,000 square foot facility ensures we stay ahead of the curve – and so do our clients.

  • Consulting

    As one of the only vertical farming companies in the UK to be Red Tractor and Global G.A.P. accredited, we can help our clients sell their produce directly into supermarkets and other major retailers.

Conventional farming is a major contributor to climate change. Growing food in fields degrades the soil, generates carbon emissions and requires large amounts of water, fertilisers and pesticides. But there is another way.

Vertical farming and CEA technologies can reduce carbon emissions by 92% and water usage by 98%. Crops can be grown up to 5 times faster and are completely protected from seasonal or unpredictable weather, pests and diseases. That means there’s no need for harsh chemicals and no wastage. Food grown indoors is also tastier, healthier and has a longer shelf life.

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Our Vision

Our goal is to improve the lives and businesses of the farmers, growers and entrepreneurs who use our technologies, while safeguarding the natural environment for the next generation. We believe passionately in a more sustainable future, one in which we will all be able to feed ourselves without damaging the planet.

Our Tech


We specialise in aeroponic vertical growing technologies. All our products are designed with the end user in mind, whether you’re just starting out in vertical farming or an established operation looking to enhance your efficiency and productivity. Our systems include sophisticated full-spectrum LED lighting, highly effective space utilisation and automated closed-loop irrigation.


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