About IAG

What we do ?

As the agriculture sector converges with technology, the industry needs to be prepared for this course of collision. Innovation may or may not be derived from the agricultural sector...

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Global Challenges

Our Cause

One of our aims is to implement our agricultural technologies and solutions in as many parts of the world, particularly in disadvantaged places where arable land and water supply are constrained....

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United Kingdom

Domestic opportuntiies

As the Agri -Tech sector is expanding, this gives rise to many opportunities for the United Kingdom to expand within the global markets, where environmental, economic and social objectives are driving change.The United Kingdom have approximately 17.2 million hectares, around 70%....

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IAG Strategy

Innovation for Results

Technology’s ability to change the dynamics between value creation and conventionalism, brings a new wave of motion, which alters the parameters of innovation within the agricultural sector. IAG is able to help our clients...
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Our Mission

Values and Culture

Innovations within Agri-Tech is an essential pillar to our business. We understand that to protect the earth’s natural resources, technological innovations allow us to deliver sustainable solutions within Agriculture.

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IAG Outlook

Taking complex projects and making them simple

IAG has collated an amplitude of knowledge and finely tailored our solutions to cater towards our clients needs. We understand that addressing global challenges with.....
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