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IAG GrowFrame TM

We pioneered the world’s first vertical aeroponic grow panels back in 2017. This technology has since been developed into our flagship product: the IAG GrowFrameTM .

The IAG GrowFrame TM is a completely scalable system that enables the impeccable growth of top-quality crops all year round, with no need for sunlight or soil and only minimal water.

Automated aeroponic irrigation provides highly precise nutrient and water application and can be easily adjusted to suit each and every crop. For most crops, the IAG GrowFrameTM can produce up to 15 harvesting cycles per year.

  • Aeroponic irrigation and closed loop water recycling techniques use up to 98% less water than conventional farming
  • Panels are designed to enable crop growth on both sides, doubling the growing area compared to a conventional horizontal stack
  • Growers can access every single plant from ground level, reducing the need for additional machinery
  • Create vertical farms in almost any space, from a single shipping container to a vast warehouse, empowering more people to produce food safely, sustainably and locally.

IAG GrowFrameTM Specification

2 metres high

2 metres high

1.2 metres wide

1.2 metres wide

325 growing modules

325 growing modules

16 full-spectrum LEDs

Full control LED spectrum lights

Automatic aeroponic irrigation

Automatic aeroponic irrigation

Up to 17 harvests a year

Up to 15 harvests a year

Bespoke farms

We offer full turnkey solutions to those starting out in the vertical farming space. Our complete indoor growing systems are capable of producing a commercial crop yield equivalent to several acres of open field farming. They use IAG’s patented technologies and include:

  • Fully customisable LED lighting recipes
  • Optimised aeroponic irrigation
  • Flexible racking systems
  • Fully customisable nutrient recipes
  • Streamlined climate control
  • Remote and automated management

We offer comprehensive client support packages, so we’re with you every step of the way, from placing your order to your first harvest.


Germination rooms

All our farms come equipped with a customisable germination room to house young plants and seedlings.

Our chambers house seedling trays stacked in a bespoke ‘ebb and flow’ design to supply over 7,000 seedlings per rack. The number of racks is customised to each client’s needs

  • 6 trays per rack
  • Targeted spectrum LEDs
  • 338 seedlings per tray
  • 7,000+ seedlings per rack.