Our Company

Our Team

IAG’s team is drawn from a diverse range of backgrounds and sectors, with each member bringing different skills, experiences and ideas to the table. What unites us all is a commitment to innovation in agriculture and a belief that science and technology hold the key to a more sustainable future.

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We are pioneers

Our vertical farming products and protocols are industry-leading and we continuously innovate to make them even better. We work hard to stay ahead of the curve, investing in R&D to ensure that our clients benefit from the very latest scientific and technological developments.

We are sustainable

We believe there is a way to produce enough food for everyone while still protecting the earth’s natural resources. From drastically reducing water usage with our aeroponic growing systems to cutting out food miles by creating farms in the middle of cities, we are working towards an agricultural industry that’s clean, green and sustainable.

We are global

Because vertical farms can be used to grow nutritious food in any climate, the technologies we offer are of truly global application. From the American Midwest to the Middle East, we always think beyond borders, working with commercial partners and government bodies across the world to take our technologies to where they’re needed most.


To be at the forefront of technological development and make vertical indoor farming accessible to all in providing a sustainable food source.