Our Mission

Innovations within Agri-Tech is an essential pillar of our business. The agri-technology sector acknowledges that in order to protect the earth’s natural resources, it is imperative to innovate and create sustainable alternatives to existing practices. IAG is connected to a global culture and value system which is embedded to our principles and ideals to bring about progressive change. As part of this belief, IAG has invested in a variety of agricultural technologies, to help achieve the goal of opening up new methods of growing healthy, quality and nutritious produce.

Providing technological solutions towards agricultural practice globally

One of our aims is to implement our agricultural technologies and solutions in as many parts of the world, particularly in disadvantaged places where arable land and water supply are constrained. By integrating our sustainable state-of-art systems and innovative agri-tech solutions into the mainstream, we are creating shared value, helping both society and our company to thrive.

Raising awareness of self-sufficient practices

Our approach to long-term economic, social and environmental sustainability is aligned with our vision to provide high-tech solutions for farmers feeding the world. We want to do this to ensure that Britain becomes an international hub for precision agricultural technologies to help solve future challenges globally related to farming. Given the recent uncertainty created by Brexit, the time is right now in becoming integral players within this industry sector.

Open new market channels

Innovation Agri-Tech Group’s (IAG) goal is to provide state-of-the-art agricultural technology and solutions to help open up new food markets, providing alternative food sources for a rising global population. By doing this, we can enrich the early stages of the food value chain, while at the same time working with food retailers and supermarkets to collate data to enhance farmers ability to react to changing demand and preferences.

Creating knowledge sharing platforms

Through our experiences in the agri-tech industry, we understand the value of learning in order to enhance industry and business growth. It is imperative to appreciate and apprehend the work of industry experts.IAG understands that through collaborative efforts we can spread innovations across the globe. We seek partners to exchange information, data and technical knowledge for industry progression and cohesion.

Business intelligence is an essential function to our organisation. It allows us to identify insights into consumer behavior, improves visibility and turns data into actionable informations. IAG understands that growth in this industry occurs when intelligence platforms are implemented in order to aid decision making. We take this stance in sharing knowledge to educate individuals, businesses and other sectors to raise public awareness of technological solutions within agriculture.


Reducing global carbon footprint.

Food miles will be drastically reduced which in turn mean that shelf life for crops will be fresher and more nutritious. IAG understands that most of the food that our growing population consumes daily are imported from other cities. In total, the food system requires food to be moved an estimate of 4, 200 miles – which contributes to around 70% of the world’s CO2 emissions. IAG’s innovative technology will be a way to reduce our carbon footprint by limiting our reliance on importation.