IAG Strategy

Technology changes the dynamics of any industry, altering the parameters within it. Agriculture is no different. IAG is able to help our growers keep up with this change through our existing network of professionals, organisations and institutions.

As the agriculture sector convergences with technology, the industry needs to be prepared for this course of collision. Innovation may or may not be derived from the agricultural sector, however, IAG remains versatile in its approach to adopting new disruptive entrants  that make the market more complex and unpredictable. IAG combats this change by liaising with industry experts to facilitate the integration of technology into the marketplace. We support our clients and partners in defining their ambition and developing innovative strategies for industry growth. Focused on delivery of our operational excellence and service management protocols, we work hand in hand with our clients to help implement and deliver targeted results. IAG firmly believes that by remaining holistic in our approach and executing projects with a degree of sensitivity we are able to successfully accomplish projects in a world of changing landscapes.