IAG Outlook

IAG has collated an amplitude of knowledge and finely tailored our solutions to cater towards our clients needs. We understand that addressing global challenges with technology, we must take into considerations industry divisions within a continuously evolving landscape. IAG understands the fundamentals and importance of innovative technology, undertaking in depth research to build a foundation of what is really needed to help re-structure the way we grow produce currently. Our aim is to provide a complete solution regarding all aspects within the agriculture industry and for the greater environmental cause. Being a medium that holds all aspects together.

A vision that integrates key components, building towards a more sustainable environment and economical structure within the agriculture industry. Piloting, technological leaps in agriculture is at the centre of what IAG are doing.

Agri-Tech sector aims to improve yields, efficiency and profitability. There is a growing number of an Agri-Tech products, services and applications; capable to improve various input/output processes. The sector can be segmented into various categories. Our technologies include innovations that farmers can apply on the farms; distributors can apply after harvest and food companies may apply during processing.

Attracting bright minded individuals with the aim to combine architecture, technology, production, and design to produce food on a larger scale. Strategically implementing the path for high-volume production, in and on buildings within urban areas/cities. Along with the advancements of evolving traditional farming methods. Installing advanced self-productive systems that create efficiency of high calibre.



How do we achieve this?

We live in an era of technological abundance, rapidly growing and advancing with each passing day. IAG is connecting these dots, developing a structure that we call smart farming.

Intelligent farming is how IAG visualise the evolution and productiveness of agriculture and engineering from Precision Farming to connected, knowledge-based farm software and hardware control systems. Intelligent Farming makes use of innovative technology, taking recourse to existing intelligent networks and data management tools. With continuous updates. The aim in IAG intelligent farming development is to utilise all available information to enable the automation of sustainable processes in agriculture.

Urging advancements in respect to hardware and software applications to uniform together, empowering farmers to manage all field activities, ranging from autonomous vehicles to highly algorithmic software intelligence to manage tasks such as, inventory, finance, workforce and receiving insight into overall farming performance, in a more accurate process. Generating agriculture specific enterprise reports, to automated vehicle performance reports.

Robotics and automation systems:

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Farm Management Systems:

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Precision Farming Systems:

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