• Plug, Plant and Play
  • No Soil
  • High Efficiency, Low Emission LED Light
  • Growing Sensors
  • Automated Monitering System
  • Nutrient Optimisation
  • 30% Faster growth than outdoor growing
  • No pesticides or herbicides
  • No digging or weeding


GrowPod Hydro

If you are a lover of fresh flowers, the GrowPod-Hydro is for you. Most people think of spring as the season of new beginning, especially for flowers, but with this new innovative device your flowers will be blooming all year. With this hydroponic system, plants can grow without soil, whilst providing nutrients directly to the roots.

GrowPod Aero

The Growpod-Aero includes all the functions of the Growpod-Hydro with an additional feature of smart ultrasonic nebulizer system that purifies the air and provides external humidness to your room in the dry winter. Using aeroponic technology will allow the roots to be sprayed with a fine, high pressure misting system that contains rich nutrient solutions.

GrowPod Mini

The GrowPod Mini, is perfect for desktop plants, enhancing the office space at work, bringing beauty to your grey student accommodation room, or even adding a touch of freshness to your home. You can pick fresh herbs whenever you need them which can greatly change the nutrient content that you are feeding your family, yourself and even people buying food in your restaurant.