About IAG

Design and development

IAG undertakes a very thorough procedure for the development of new projects and it’s financing.

Our decision making is aligned to our company values and mission. IAG’s internal research team devote an extensive amount of time and effort to researching target regions where we can serve by bringing revolutionary agricultural technologies.

As part of this process, we particularly look at the areas most affected by drought and falling organic matter in-land from the effects of climate change. By identifying these problems, we can make sure that our projects are tailored to case-specific needs. This allows us to reduce risks of unintended consequences and helping us to conduct feasibility reports easily.

IAG designs operational frameworks where our in-house technical teams, work directly on site to deliver any infrastructure or logistical arrangements.

Procurement, Engineering and Deployment

As a company, we pride ourselves in the intelligence of our experts who have extensive experience throughout the agricultural industry. Which gives us the ability to provide the services required for the engineering, procurement and construction of our technology at a high level. IAG achieves this with our partners who work with us in delivering the best for our clients in the manufacturing process and logistics.

We work with external companies with whom we have established good working relations, for very large projects where partial outsourcing is done to support our partners in delivering the best for our clients.

Operations, maintenance and Support Services

After commissioning projects, our goal is to make sure the user of our technology extract the best value for their business and maintain healthy returns. To enable this, we have created support packages for our clients.